As a facilitator, I oversee all aspects of your event, whether a training session, workshop or board meeting, ensuring the opening objectives are met by the end. If needed, I can provide the materials and create the agenda.  I will

  • Consult with you to take a brief on the format, timing, pre-work and purpose of your event/meeting.

  • Create an outline of the event to include timings, location, communication plans and pre-work.

  • Produce materials or slides as required. Support speakers to produce materials.

  • Organise and co-ordinate the event with internal teams and external stakeholders.

  • Manage event on the day.

  • Produce feedback summary or any follow up work that is required.

This service enables your team to focus on the business at hand. 


Previous examples include HR training meetings, director and partner panels, annual board meetings, appraisal moderation and facilitation of table discussions at client dinners. 



Onboarding and Induction

I support clients to design and roll-out onboarding programmes for new employees whether national graduate inductions or Senior hire seminars. I work with recruitment, HR business partners or directly with management teams to ensure all the logistics of the onboarding programme are prepared to give your new recruits the best possible first impression. I will

  • Work with recruitment, HR business partners or directly with business managers to ensure all logistics of the onboarding programme are in place to give your new recruits the best possible first impression.

  • Ensure a seamless process and not just a tick box exercise.

  • Manage or support with all pre-start communications to participant group.

  • Brief speakers and support with materials where required.

  • Manage venue queries to ensure the layout and ‘feel’ of the event is in keeping with company branding.

  • Manage the participants from entry to event through to first days’ support in their new company.

Previous examples include graduate intakes for corporate and construction industries. Senior hire inductions for individual candidates and national intakes for larger organisations.  


360-Degree Feedback

I support organisations in running a 360-Degree Feedback mechanism for appraisal and change management purposes. I will

  • Take your brief on the purpose of the feedback and advise on the best possible way to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Create a set of parameters for the feedback sessions to send to participants prior to the event.

  • Run the event in person or online through a user-friendly questionnaire.

  • Collate all data. 

  • Prepare a report for each participant ensuring anonymity of the feedback and prepare a report for management on themes coming out from each group.

  • Support management with coaching on actions arising from feedback.

Previous examples include corporates with grades throughout departments.