CV and Cover Letter Creation

I am a skilled CV and Cover letter writer and support my clients in either creating or redesigning their career story.


Whether targeting a specific role or change of career direction, I will work with you to bring to the fore the skills and characteristics you need to display to get your application noticed, presented in a clear and professional format.

For those starting out, I will create a first CV and help you shape your experiences, education, voluntary work and personal interests to reflect the qualities you can bring to a role. For those further ahead in their careers, I will help sift through previous drafts to develop a new fresh view of who you are.


In either case, I can create CV’s tailored for a role or more general for you to adapt for your chosen career path. CV’s can be turned around within 24 hrs with Covers letters drafted to support a specific application.



Career Coaching

I am a trained Career coach with many years’ experience with working with individuals such as high calibre grads to execs. Every individual is different and as such I tailor my approach to your specific needs.

My approach is to listen to your specific goals and work with you to develop a formal structure to help you through the challenges you face as well as tools that can give longer term confidence in managing the next challenge. 

The arrangement can be through scheduled calls over a concentrated period of time or on an add-hoc basis when you feel you need ‘just in time’ support. 

If you are interested in being coached or just want to know what it is all about, I can arrange an initial call to discuss your needs and you can make your decision from there. There is no pressure to start work immediately. This is a personal journey and I will be there to support you when you feel the time is right.