Helped me to Focus

It’s difficult to find standout talent like Anita. Her coaching ability is really good and it seems to come perfectly naturally to her. She definitely helped me to focus in the right direction in my career and kept me positive all the time. Anita earns my highest recommendation.

Maria Turegano

Customer Success Operations Manager at Neo4j

Insight, Clarity & Direction

Anita works at a senior level within client organisations to provide insight, clarity and direction. Her judgement is fast and accurate as she quickly grasps the key issues and is able to find workable solutions without fuss. She is also a very personable and fun person and extremely easy to get along with. As a result, working with Anita is a breath of fresh air, as challenges are overcome, issues resolved and clear decisions made. 

Sarah Olsen

UK Head of Coaching at Mandarin Consulting

Quick Turnaround

Anita is fantastic at what she does, with a very quick turnaround. Anita is amazing value for money and very professional. From the minute we connected I felt an instant rapport. Anita went above and beyond to help me with what I needed. This is not the last Anita has heard from me. I will definitely be using her for all my future needs. 

Dawn Turner

Very Professional!

Anita is perfect at what she does, very quick turnaround, great value for money and very professional. I would recommend her to everyone.  

David Caulfield


Simply Superb service.  

Denis Troughton

Excellent Communication

Responded swiftly, Communication was excellent. Identified my needs quickly and work quality was perfect. Can’t rate highly enough.

 David Leslie

Quick and Easy Process!

Anita was very quick at responding to my messages and before I knew it, I had my revamped CV and Cover Letter returned to me within 24hrs. The experience was quick and easy. I highly recommend.

Chris McComb


Working with Anita allowed me to do the job I had always wanted, international, leadership focused, exciting and challenging. Her coaching continues to keep me mentally resilient and one step ahead.


Global HR Leader

Inspiring professional!

Anita is such an inspiring professional to work with. She sees through individuals’ concerns and can always provide practical suggestions t help with personal development. With Anita’s encouragement and guidance, I made up my mind to change my career path. After 3 years’ learning, I managed to get qualified as a CIPD associate member and am now working at an international organisation as Head of HR for its UK branch. I really do hope to become a role model like Anita and continuously make a positive impact on my team.

Wenyi Zhou

Head of HR