I will provide onsite or online workshops to help your students with CV creation to break down the key components of CVs to make an impression. 

During the session (lasting up to 3 hrs depending on group size) I will outline where the CV fits in the recruitment process, how they are measured and help participants craft their skills and experiences to date into a convincing and powerful narrative. I will help them understand that in larger organisations, with high volumes of recruitment, CV’s are not seen by a person until they pass through ATS systems. It is not enough to write a CV blindly and hope to get through these systems.

Over the course participants will be given

  • the tools to create a compelling CV and Cover Letter to enable them to tell their story. 

  • hints and tips to understand how the world of recruitment works and how to adapt CV’s to match any application.

  • How to interpret feedback both good and bad and how to accept rejection and use it to move on to the next role. 

Who is this for?

This workshop is aimed at school and college leavers in their final year of study. Group sizes of 10- 12 participants allows for individual attention. 


Interview workshops are designed to take the applicants through the interview process. Participants are given the opportunity to experience an interview through a mix of role play and open discussion and they get a chance to ‘road test’ their answers. 

Over the course participants will be given

  • An opportunity to go through their CV’s in detail to pull out key strengths and mitigate any pitfalls.

  • Understand the difference between competency based and strengths-based questioning.

  • How to prepare for Telephone and video-based interviews when they are not facing a person.

  • How to be articulate about their experience when they feel they have not done very much.

  • How to prepare for assessment centres and presentations and the importance of physiology in these scenarios.

  • They are also primed on how to take away positives from unsuccessful interviews and what to learn. 

Who is this for?

This workshop is aimed at school and college leavers in their final year of study. This session can be run in person or online. Workshops are run in sessions of 8 people so individual attention is given to each participant. 


If you need to Inform, Convince or Explain information to another person, presentation skills will support you. 

This workshop will equip participants to 

  • enhance their presentation skills by giving tools and tips to conquer nerves, engage an audience and hold their attention to get your key messages across. 

  • structure your allotted time so your messages make an impact. 

  • enable the participant to manage their impression on the audience by firstly understanding what is and how to transform it to where they want it to be.

Who is this for?

Workshops are designed to support those who feel anxious or uncomfortable in giving presentations. Workshops are run in sessions of 10-12 people and can also be run online. Individual sessions can also be arranged.